Temporary recruitment

Temporary recruitment solutions

Dealing with staffing shortages, peak demand periods, or employees going on vacations?


Here is an arrangement that can fix all that by covering:
  • client’s crediting
  • manpower flexibility
  • full administration of labor-law relations
  • comprehensive payroll administration
  • effective promotion for vacancies
  • professional staff selection
  • takeover of personnel turnover responsibility
  • takeover of burdens such as seasonal fluctuation, holidays, illnesses
  • higher labor productivity reported in core staff
  • lower personnel turnover reported in core staff



Triangle of tripartite relation where:

– User: identifies his needs for flexibility
– Agency: identifies employment for the User
– Temp: identifies with User and Agency

Mindoff for Client:

  • A specialized and experienced team of consultants (time flexibility and mobility – our consultants commute into regions for both clients and candidates).
  • Active agency-client communication at a partner level (substitutability amongst consultants).
  • A professional approach to both clients and employees reflecting the high standards of our sector.
  • A daily updated candidate database.
  • Setting, monitoring and regular reporting of KPI`s according to the client.
  • Providing guidance regarding labour-law issues, preparation and implementation of the recruitment process.
  • Social and health insurance for employers and employees – which we can document at any time.

Mindoff for Candidate:

  • A multi-stage selection / recruitment process (CV selection, phone pre-screening, face to face interview – Mindoff, 2nd round interview with a client representative).
  • Professional communication with the candidate – providing information at all stages of the selection process, as well as both positive and negative feedback.
  • Reference verification (checking the criminal record listing).
  • Personal consultants display professionalism towards individual employees.
  • A possibility to fulfil OSH (occupational health and safety) responsibilities and to arrange medical examinations for employees.
  • Wage paid to the account by 15th of the following month.
  • Counselling regarding wage and tax issues (annual accounting, tax abatements, proof of income for authorities and other institutions etc.).


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