Permanent Recruiting

Our permanent recruiting solutions


Need a specialist or support with large recruitment?
We have the tools to find and deliver the best suited talent for your business.


  • • fill vacancies that are not critical for the company
  • • fill vacancies very fast
  • • fill several similar vacancies at once
  • • deal with a large flow of candidates who are expected to qualify and show interest in the same job
  • • identify a qualified responsible to oversee the recruitment process and take charge of the final selection of the eligible candidates
  • • fill a critical vacant position for the company
  • • earn candidate quality rather than hiring speed
  • • keep the recruitment process confidential
  • • source key people within your competition
  • • evaluate a candidate’s career background
  • • find talents when they are expected to be passive or hidden on the job markets
  • • predict successful performance within the target job
  • • compare two seemingly qualified candidates for the same job description
  • • find talents when a position requires certain crucial skills
  • • identify strengths and weaknesses concerning job demands
  • • detect staff development potential
  • • screen more groups of potential candidates at once
  • • proactively identify talents that meet future needs
  • • determine a certain talent’s availability on the market
  • • build up a candidate database for future projects
  • • reach a greater resourcing flexibility that meets changing organizational demands
  • • get in touch with an updated pipeline of top talents
  • • rule out uncertainty whether you can afford placing a position considering market demands

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