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We take your Mind off from the challenges of finding top talents that help you deliver the best product possible.

Permanent recruitment

Permanent recruitment


  • Specialist Recruitment
  • Volume Search
  • Assessment centers
  • Market mapping


Temporary Recruitment

Temporary Recruitment


Dealing with staffing shortages, peak demand periods, or employees going on vacations?

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Training and teambuilding

Training and teambuilding


  • Communication using DISC tools
  • Public speaking
  • Team Building


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Our permanent recruiting solutions


Need a specialist or support with large recruitment?
We have the tools to find and deliver the best suited talent for your business.


  • • fill vacancies that are not critical for the company
  • • fill vacancies very fast
  • • fill several similar vacancies at once
  • • deal with a large flow of candidates who are expected to qualify and show interest in the same job
  • • identify a qualified responsible to oversee the recruitment process and take charge of the final selection of the eligible candidates
  • • fill a critical vacant position for the company
  • • earn candidate quality rather than hiring speed
  • • keep the recruitment process confidential
  • • source key people within your competition
  • • evaluate a candidate’s career background
  • • find talents when they are expected to be passive or hidden on the job markets
  • • predict successful performance within the target job
  • • compare two seemingly qualified candidates for the same job description
  • • find talents when a position requires certain crucial skills
  • • identify strengths and weaknesses concerning job demands
  • • detect staff development potential
  • • screen more groups of potential candidates at once
  • • proactively identify talents that meet future needs
  • • determine a certain talent’s availability on the market
  • • build up a candidate database for future projects
  • • reach a greater resourcing flexibility that meets changing organizational demands
  • • get in touch with an updated pipeline of top talents
  • • rule out uncertainty whether you can afford placing a position considering market demands

Temporary recruitment solutions

Dealing with staffing shortages, peak demand periods, or employees going on vacations?


Here is an arrangement that can fix all that by covering:
  • client’s crediting
  • manpower flexibility
  • full administration of labor-law relations
  • comprehensive payroll administration
  • effective promotion for vacancies
  • professional staff selection
  • takeover of personnel turnover responsibility
  • takeover of burdens such as seasonal fluctuation, holidays, illnesses
  • higher labor productivity reported in core staff
  • lower personnel turnover reported in core staff



Triangle of tripartite relation where:

– User: identifies his needs for flexibility
– Agency: identifies employment for the User
– Temp: identifies with User and Agency

Mindoff for Client:

  • A specialized and experienced team of consultants (time flexibility and mobility – our consultants commute into regions for both clients and candidates).
  • Active agency-client communication at a partner level (substitutability amongst consultants).
  • A professional approach to both clients and employees reflecting the high standards of our sector.
  • A daily updated candidate database.
  • Setting, monitoring and regular reporting of KPI`s according to the client.
  • Providing guidance regarding labour-law issues, preparation and implementation of the recruitment process.
  • Social and health insurance for employers and employees – which we can document at any time.

Mindoff for Candidate:

  • A multi-stage selection / recruitment process (CV selection, phone pre-screening, face to face interview – Mindoff, 2nd round interview with a client representative).
  • Professional communication with the candidate – providing information at all stages of the selection process, as well as both positive and negative feedback.
  • Reference verification (checking the criminal record listing).
  • Personal consultants display professionalism towards individual employees.
  • A possibility to fulfil OSH (occupational health and safety) responsibilities and to arrange medical examinations for employees.
  • Wage paid to the account by 15th of the following month.
  • Counselling regarding wage and tax issues (annual accounting, tax abatements, proof of income for authorities and other institutions etc.).


Training and Teambuilding

Communication Using DISC tools

Everything DISC Workplace

Everything DiSC® Workplace

Getting along with your team means having to know it first. DiSC® training is a more fun, organized and less awkward way of doing just that.

It’s also about exploring different types of behaviors and learning how to adapt to them. Plus, you get:

  • upgraded communication skills
  • more effective team meetings
  • a wider understanding of what motivates people
  • avoidance of conflict and misunderstanding
  • improved sales conversations
  • stronger cooperation

Public Speaking

Think of it as an untrained muscle. Public speaking can be a challenge, but nothing good practice can’t fix. With the right tools, anyone can turn fear into an asset.

Here’s what our public speaking challenge is about:

  • confidence during presentations
  • structured presentations
  • exceeding audience expectations
  • turning complex information into accessible material
  • body language awareness
  • handling tough questions
  • interactive and out of the box presentations
  • flexibility towards the unexpected

public speaking course


We are MindOFF

We are a local HR Boutique in Bucharest. We design staffing solutions tailored to your business environment and culture.

International partner


The powerful partnership created by SpenglerFox and their global network of affiliates ensures that we offer a wide range of talent services that have been designed to support our clients, wherever they operate. It also ensures that we maximise our reach and performance in the ever changing and demanding global marketplace. To learn more about SpenglerFox please visit https://www.spenglerfox.com/

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Why us

We’re not right for everyone. Let’s get that out of the way, for starters.

The perks of being a Mindoff client:

  • custom and professional client care
  • a team of experts and specialized consultants at your service
  • a wide portfolio of recruitment assets you can use
  • getting a cutting-edge PRE-SCREENED candidate database
  • optimized processes through the use of S.P.O.C. (single point of contact)
  • counting on innovative candidate sourcing techniques
  • benefitting from an engaging brand awareness
  • relying on trustworthy candidates that believe in our system
  • tailor-made ideas for your particular inquiries
  • making use of a strong background in large-scale recruitment projects
  • candidate & client care program


We'd really love to hear from you. Drop us an email at office@mindoff.ro and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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